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Please indicate which class you are signing up for. 24-hour replay is available for all classes except Thursday Hybrid class.

Slow Flow Vinyasa 

Saturday, Monday | 9:30 – 10:45a

A slower based vinyasa class focuses on linking the breath with movement. Work on building strength, flexibility and balance, followed by stretching, and relaxation. Some yoga understanding is helpful but variations will be offered for this all-level class.


Hybrid All-level Vinyasa Flow

Monday | 5:30 – 6:30p

Add an evening flow to your practice! A faster-paced class challenging strength and stability followed by relaxation at the end. This class will be taught in person at Island Health Fitness in Ithaca, NY, as well as live-streamed via Zoom. The link below allows you to create a guest registration account that remains active for future classes. Please note: Registration is $12 and is not included in the Monthly Unlimited access.


Rise and Shine Flow

Tuesday | 7:20 – 7:50a

This brief flow is perfect for the yogi who wants a shorter practice before work or school. Primarily focusing on standing postures, this 30-minute primer will energize you for whatever your day has in store. (Note: Registration $8; All classes prerecorded unless otherwise noted).


For Monthly Unlimited members, please register here.

Restorative Yoga

Tuesday | 5 – 6:00p

Restorative yoga uses the support of props around your home to allow your body to release tension. Classes begin with gentle movement for about fifteen minutes, followed by 5 to 6 poses with the support of props. Each pose is held for about 5 – 7 minutes and class ends with relaxation. Perfect for all yogis. Great if you are recovering from injury, illness, or would simply like to slow down. This is a passive class, tapping into relaxation, quiet, and stillness. (Note: All classes through August prerecorded).

For Monthly Unlimited members, please register here.


Gentle Yoga

Mon., Wed., Sat. | 12 – 1:00p

This is a mellow paced class, designed for those who want to move slower. It's perfect for beginners! The use of props to support balance is encouraged to assist in stretching, strengthening, breathing and finding calm.

For Monthly Unlimited members, please register here.


Flow and Restore

Friday | 10 – 11:15a

Build some heat with 45 minutes of vinyasa flow, followed by 30 minutes of restorative yoga. Using the support of props in the second portion of class will assist in relaxing the mind, body, and spirit.

For Monthly Unlimited members, please register here.

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