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Strengthen the body and mind to prepare yourself for labor and delivery. A great way to develop coping skills for dealing with stress and anxiety during this transformative time. Focus will be on empowering the pregnant person and relieving common aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Questions and discussion are encouraged!


One-on-One Sessions

Working one-on-one in a virtual session offers numerous benefits:

 It allows customization for your specific needs and goals, whether you are looking to gain strength and flexibility, or simply seeking a way to relax and feel more content

 It is a good way to learn how to slowly incorporate movement into your daily routine

 It allows you to go at your own pace without the concern of others

Please contact me for pricing.


Corporate Yoga

Yoga has been shown to increase productivity in the work place by acting as a reset for the body and mind.
Great as a mini-break during lunch time or for a wellness session
Releases stress and thereby results in more productivity, and fewer missed work days due to burn out or sickness
Convenient for busy people who want to move their body but don’t have time for the gym
Builds community and creates positive energy
Interested in bringing yoga to your workplace? Contact me to discuss.


Small Group Yoga

Interested in gathering friends or family together for an indoor or outdoor yoga class? A great way to connect with each other, a group yoga class can be customized to suit the needs of your group. Celebrating a birthday or a bachelorette party? Yoga is a terrific way to build group energy in a comfortable home or outdoor setting for special occasions. It can also provide a healthy platform for friends near and far away to connect on a regular basis. 

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